About Us



  • Playkids is a family business that has operated in Miami since 1980. Dave Azadi is the founder of Playkids and his three boys (pictured above) inspired him to make his first Premium Swing Set.
  • Dave & his Son Derek (in the middle) now operate this business together. The mission of Playkids is to produce 1) High quality 2) Safe 3) Maintenance free Swing Sets for families to use for generations to come.
  • As you read about our Quality in the next Segment, you will see the care that goes into every Playkids Swing Set, from our 500 Lb Limit Swing Hardware, our Water Resistant Wood and our 10 Year Warranty. 
  • Join the Playkids family and Let us build your Child's Dream Swing Set today!
  • Playkids used Pressure Treated - Grade 1 Pine Lumber made in North Carolina.
  • Playkids Swing Hardware is 500 Lb Graded to support any child and parent combination.
  • Playkids Towers have no weight limit!
  • Playkids wood is handcrafted to ensure no Splinters since 1980!
  • Playkids wood is Stained & Sealed to last 5 years minimum.
  • Most importantly, we guarantee our Wood for 10 Years, any rotting or structural damage for any reason and we change it for FREE! No fine print needed (competitors will only cover termites)!
  • Installation of a Swing Set shipped in a box will always cost you at least 50% of the Retail price to install (see picture above).
  • Boxed Swing Sets wood is always made cheaply in China, and if it does not break while installing, it will rot due to water exposure within 12 months.
  • Although you can install a Swing Set yourself or hire a handyman, you could be putting your child at risk by not allowing a professional installer complete the job.
  • Boxed Swing Sets cannot be customized, and colors cannot be chosen.
  • Boxed Swing Sets will Shake  because the counterfeit wood from China is 25% of the weight of real wood and cannot sustain children swinging.